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About Me

I'm Keely Tate, originally from Montreal Canada and now living in California. I fell in love with photography in college and have not been able to tear myself away since.


I love traveling and being able to tell a story through my pictures, there are so many amazing things in the world we just need to look for them....

In all my pictures, wedding, travel, portraits.. I always try to use an un-traditional approach to capture my subjects on the unexpected side, maybe that's just a fancy way to say candid haha. I really love to focus on the subject and what they represent not the cookie cutter way of having a couple side by side, instead I'll catch them when they don't even realize I'm there and thats when the true beauty comes out.

I love what I do and I am constantly looking for new adventures. It a big world and I plan to enjoy it and I hope you do as well through my pictures.

2015 Keely Tate Photography